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We had been driving for hours. Past looming forests and landfills of dust outside sleeping towns. Past motel after motel, each missing some neon letter vital to its "Welcome" sign. I had been stringing all the blacked out letters together in my mind, trying to make some sense of(more)
I was twelve; he was eighteen.
I was an awkward, gawking, skinny mess of braces and stringy blonde hair; he was a bundle of profanities, muscles, and sweat, as friendly as a Labrador puppy and twice as energetic.
We were swing dance partners.
"I'm gonna dip you now, so hold on!"

"Oh no, stop right there Carver! Don't you even dare-!"

Headless of her protests he brought her into an exchange and spun her out, arm raised carelessly overhead as Jenny's world became a blur of motion. As he caught(more)
She never seemed to know what she felt. One moment love and apologies tumbled from her lips, and the next, she spat fire. She was constantly swaying between two equally horrid versions of herself, and it made her hate herself all the more.
"Sorry dude, I don't swing that way."

"Won't you please reconsider? For us?"

"Well alright. If it really means that much to you, I guess I'll vote Republican this year."

"Huh? I was talking about you and I getting married!"

"Do you mean to tell(more)
Saintly sinners and
Curly-haired clouds broadcast
The glittering skyline
Anxieties hanging with a sharpness
Of broken stained-glass
Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...

Nothing ever bothered Lucy when she got to the playground and found her favorite swing. She didn't have to think about anything except how high she could go as she kicked her feet up and up.

Back and(more)
I have a clear memory of home. A memory of a swing under an old tree, it's foundation worn from all the feet that we're bursting with childhood. I remember sitting in the back of a bus going from the city towards home; a golden sun making shadows on(more)
Her eyes swing back and forth in time with the pendulum. Housed in mahogany, inlaid with gold scroll-work, the masterpiece of a grandfather clock  stands proudly in the corner of the dimly lit room. When the pendulum swings just right a flash of gold illuminates the face the of the(more)
When I went to the house I noticed it had an old porch swing.  The slats on it were slightly bowed but the chains holding it up seemed sound.  I sat down on it and heard the wood creak alarmingly, but it held.  I swung gently keeping my feet on the floor(more)
I have a clear memory of this moment. The bright afternoon sun, the stadium full of fans, the single little cloud passing by. I was on the bench at this moment. Then, the coach tells me: "Your turn". It was my chance. I take a bat, and go on(more)
Good rope. Ties well. You wouldn't believe some of the crap they've given me before now. Wouldn't hang a bloody cat. Door's working fine. I tested it a few times before - opens nice and smooth.
I'm pretty much ready now. Everything's set up and ready, and I've got(more)
Old guy. I can take him.    
I used to be a baseball player. Then the whole steroids thing happened. Now I only use the bat for other reasons. Still use my lucky bat though.    
The old guy looks rich, coming from the stadium. He's one of the last ones(more)
As Jade enters the park, a bouquet of assorted flowers in her arms, her eyes scan all around her in search for her significant other. Eventually, she spots him sitting serenely on a bench not too far away.

She rushes towards him in excitement and presents the bouque(more)
The old love of dirt on the ground and off the chains that sometimes pinch my skin affectionately as they twist and rattle around me. Old scruffy trainers kick the ground under me that's been scooped out by scruffy trainers before me.
There are conversational moments as we rhythmicall(more)