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I could write the consummate romance
create a love affair for the ages
storybook-perfect in rainbow colors
with just a dash of danger
for balance
we could be sweethearts (more)
Overall, the sweetheart fails as a candy. On the taste (see Table 22) and texture (see Table 3) scales, they fall dismally low. On color (see Figure A2) they are middling.  They rank higher on size and portability (see Figures A1 and B7), respectively), and delightfully, in today's economy, strong(more)
Song birds, chalky candy hearts, love birds, 14 year olds all entangled limbs and R hearts B, all A+C=true love forever and ohmygodohmygodohmygod he calllllled. he calllllled.

What happens when R hearts B but B hearts C tried to let B down, but B is just so persisten(more)