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There's no reality harder to look in the eye than the reality that we are all broken. We're no better than the glittering shards of glass embedded into our pavements. Hidden by sour wads of gum, footprints, shoe bottoms, trails of scum. Only really emerging when there's sun. We(more)
Post-coital emptiness
The sweet nothing stops
We lie together
But we could not be further apart

Tilted head (more)
She had a long journey in coming here. She struggled and fought her way to this very spot. Neglected from birth, the moment she learn how to gain attention was when the abuse started. In older years this led to more abuse of chemicals. She struggled against others, and(more)
He props himself above her, looking down at her while she sleeps. He loves to see how peaceful she is while she sleeps. So often during the day she is stressed out and tense, but when she sleeps all of that goes away.