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Where there once was a person, there is a hole. The space she had filled is empty. The energy she had exerted has ceased to exist. That uniqueness of her individuality is nothingness. Her heart has finished, her breath halted. Her thinking, feelings - swept away into the memory(more)
my bones ache for you.
Not so much in longing, but in compassion,
because I know after a ten-hour day of logging in the California wilderness,
after ten hours of coping with destruction, of being the angel of death for those mighty, innocent, beings,
I know you're tired.(more)
The stars glimmered overhead, each seeming to sing their own song. But the song fell upon deaf ears.
I was too preoccupied with the black marble gravestone, with a name written upon it in gold. I was sitting next to it, thinking about the person buried beneath.
My head(more)
The wind whips softly through his hair, blowing the open edges of his coat back and making his scarf wave and twist. He steps forwards, and an cold updraft hits him.
Up in the sky, the stars twinkle, the moon shines brightly, and the lights of the city glow(more)
Do you see it? The glistening stars above you, twinkling against dark violet skies. Do you feel the breeze running through your fingertips as you walk ever so slowly? You do. You close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. The quiet. The only sound you hear are the footsteps(more)
The Auctioneer said. "Here we have real pretty night stand , it's a true antique, it has  been at the bedside of Presidents. Movie stars , Kings, it has 2 drawers and a secret compartment". "Ill start the bidding at $500 a few other things you should  know  nobody has opened th(more)