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Every day I write is a love affair with words.
The release of my vocabulary makes me feel so stress free.

You wanted the truth about it, yes?
There are moments when I fill up with all these doubts,
When what wasn't and isn't enough for me suddenly(more)
Sometimes I wish I could disappear like a cloud of smoke.
But I would cling to you the way the smell does.
I wish I could melt into the pages your book.
Then I could become your new favorite word.
I wish I could turn into a song. (more)
cast shadows of fear and constraint aside
as effortlessly as a beam of light;

as you are meant to shine,
and know that you are the light (more)
what i want my life to be. a breeze. wind in my hair. what i will never have the chance to experience. No stress. What a wonderful place that must be to be in.
It's the beginning of the beginning, the start of the start, the moment it all came into being. Nothing is happening, nothing is there. The material, the fabric of these endless swathes of stars is gone. It is not there, it does not exist. Something will happen soon, and(more)
Drops of chilled water run down the side of a seltzer bottle and seep into the table cloth upon which bowls and plates and glasses of sorbets and shortcakes and parfaits are set, all beautifully arranged in a circle around a white parasol.
Lazy afternoon. Humid air. Quiet streets. No professors giving me deadlines. No nosy dorm managers asking why I was late last night. No classmates asking for a photocopy of my notebook. Summer. Even our dog, who cutely goes by the name Summer, feels it.
"Stress free this morning please. Stress free this morning please." Was the mantra he muttered to himself as he scurried to the office. It was never going to work. He knew that. Every morning was ridiculously stressful for him.  But maybe it would reduce his internal pressure by a couple(more)
"LET ME GO" She screams, Struggling fighting but to no avail, it was useless.
Her screams ring through his ears, Deeper and deeper it goes, Never leaving a scar on his mind.
Nobody is around to hear in the cabin, The air is heavy and she falls silent(more)