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A patient man once told me something painfully relevant and poignant that I have forgotten completely. That's not the important part--that's the teller's demeanor. He was stranded in Woodstock, GA, waiting on a AAA truck. I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to wait inside, in(more)
     There is a tree.  A calm ethereal entity.  It is infused with a bluish white light that emanates to its surroundings. Motes of light float among its upper branches.  There is no wind.  The tree is still.  There seems to be a barely perceived noise.(more)
She weighed as much as a photo of herself. The days came and went as her ribs slowly escaped. Her mother and father would spend long silent hours in the living room collecting glares from their daughter.

She drank when she was thirsty and ate a handful o(more)
if this room began spinning
around me
i would hope i’d notice.

but all these unvarying variables
are too stubborn (more)
Still experience.

As in, to still experience something? I am still experiencing that awful latte from this morning.It's really not that hard to keep the espresso maker clean.