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I wanted a bass guitar when I was 13, 14. I had dreams that just owning an instrument would be my way out. I would immediately make punk friends, they would identify with my shitty poetry, we would smash shit on stage, get paid. We would live together &(more)
A little girl shoots herself in her backyard because she had been teased terribly at school for her crooked, thick-lipped, smile, the legacy of brain surgery performed when very young and which saved her life.  Like many insecure girls, I'm sure she thought she was hideous, and I'm sure the(more)
"I can't believe you're still doing this," Zen said, staring down at the card. "After everything, Yoosung, for the love of God-"
"I know!" the blonde snapped, tugging at his hair to distract his hands from reaching for the credit card again.
"You /know/ she and Luciel told you(more)