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He coughed up blood and she wiped it off of his lips.

He squeezed her hand weakly and looked up at her. His vision was starting to fade.
I remember the day that you left. Do you?

You came to me while I was folding the cloths. You walked straight up to me. You were wearing your black slip. I remember thinking how beautiful you were. I remember smiling. I remember wondering why you were up(more)
We're together under my sheets, pink jersey cotton broken up by a milk-white knee or brown shoulder, clashing with the red flannel button down caught up around my feet. My tank top is hanging from the knob on my underwear drawer and there are two pairs of jeans in(more)
   "Stay with me Momma"! Probably the first sentence said by a toddler. Those tree word said by teachers explaining  a
complex problem  "Now stay with me on this one". A con artist talking to a prospective client. "Now stay with me on
this , it's the first step in yo(more)
"Stay with me!"  "Why my love?  You've already  grown up."  "I'm afraid of the dark.  The things  prowling, the harsh outlines, the looming figures, they all hide there."  "Why be afraid then, if these things are hiding?   Besides, it's the lig(more)