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Stardust sat poised in the air around me. It was falling slowly, like glimmering snow that had been frozen in a single moment. I didn't breathe, didn't move for fear of disturbing its orbit.

It wasn't actually stardust, of course; it was just ordinary dust from the apartment(more)
The most peculiar quality of stardust is that it holds whatever shape you could want. When I was young I enjoyed pressing it into great balls. I’d gather vast tracks of the stuff and push and push until I could push no more. There’d be a flash, a burs(more)
Streaked with magnificent bands of stardust, the sky stretched on for miles above them as they lay in the desert sands waiting for the dawn. It was as though they could see time itself laid out before them, measureless by its nature, lasting for longer than the pair would(more)
that stardust above
is carbonaceous chondrites,
but romantic ones
No belief in God
Shot his ashes into space
Stardust was his fate.
She took his hands in hers for what she knew was the last time.

"We're through."

He shook with a mixture of rage and sadness. She could scarce bear the look upon his face, but she knew she could take no more. He would reduce her (more)
There is stardust in your eyes. There is only a wild stench and minds clipping into pieces.  There are only hearts and blood and pieces of cadavers that cull together to form some being almost human. There is only the worry, the fear. There is only the beauty, the change.(more)