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Sleep was the only thing I wanted.
Apparently somebody somewhere had other plans for me.
"Look,"I say to my muse"I'm half-drunk,half-asleep,and did I mention I've had an extremely fucked-up bunch of days which,by the way,your fault for going missing in the first place you know!"
I'm on a roll(more)
Ah the days of spit wads. They where every teachers worst nightmare. Gooey and gross, falling from the ceiling into your hair or even worse, your coffee. They were harmless fun kids would have and for the time period what teachers would consider their biggest annoyance. Times have changed.(more)
Bolting up, spine straight, ready for a fight, I was initially relieved to discover that the little things hitting my window weren't large bugs. I had been waiting for you in my car for days it seems, reading a book I could only possibly get through if I were(more)
This was impulsive, not thoughtless.

During the campaign, I had to be more careful, but I won, so now things are different. I  can go to great lengths to avoid having to tolerate the people I hate. So what if I'm the first holder of this office to ge(more)