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His hands were her favorite. They were hands that were made to create, elegantly curved yet calloused from all manner of work. They always told a story; Tuesday found them ink-stained from his first attempt at using a quill, Wednesday had them covered in bandages after hours spent in(more)
I'd never done a spelling bee before. It was pretty terrifying. Mostly because if you got it right, you manipulated the force lines of the universe and bent them to your will, creating matter and energy where there had been none. More than one kid had purposefully quit out(more)
The old man and the boy sat gazing out over the tranquil water of the family pond. Cottonwoods and willows lined the banks, casting lengthy shadows in the waning hours of daylight. Their bare feet dangled over the side of the rickety little dock, a rusty can of worms(more)
Roan leaned back and smiled at the remains of the potion that steamed at the bottom of his flask. The clear liquid put out a foul stench with its smoke, and Roan would have choked if not for his good mood. He closed his eyes and wished many an(more)
"All I'm saying is," Dean took a drag from a cigarette, "We fashion our tools with preconceived notions."

Grey thought that was ridiculous, "Like a shovel? What does that even mean?"
"I'm fine."

Your raised shoulders, narrowed eyes, and slight frown all say the opposite.

I inhale -- do I  want to stay silent, as is the norm, or do I want to push for answers? Trying to get honest answers from you when it comes to yourself i(more)
Hey you!
Yeah, you.
Whoever's in charge here.
Whoever's pulling the strings.
I want you to spell it out for me.
Right here, right now. (more)
"I-s-a-b-e-l" I tell them when they asked me how to spell my name.
I would have assumed they would have known how to spell it but then again there was that one kid who thought there was an extra e at the end. Pretty sure he thought the (more)
No matter how many phrases and letters you hand me, I'll never be able to spell how much you really mean to me.

Don't you forget it. Please.