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she is nothing
—but a memory
& the scent that
                              lingers still
upon my pillowcases—
to me
—she stands her
Kilo restrained his thoughts. There was no way he was going to experience the blue skies from mother earth. Such beauty was only written about anymore. The earth, barley perceptible through the stained dome above was a mosaic of destruction. With a powerful enough telescope, and a cleaning crew,(more)
A Spell to Win Him Back

The first step is the heartbreak,
let it slam into you like a wave
that knocks you off your feet.
November 27, 2043
To whom it may concern,

My son Xater is enrolled in Ms Hiu's grade 2 class. So far this year, he has been very engaged in classroom activities, and has made great progress in his information technology and mathematics classes.

I am concerned, however,(more)
     She must’ve put him under a spell, that’s the only reason as to why his heart always beat faster when she’s around, his face gets hot at the weirdest times, his hands get all sweaty when his holding hers and he can’t seem to speak normally whenever she(more)
"There's no such thing as magic," Edward said, brow turned down in a frown as he stared at Roy over the table. It was as if Roy had just pronounced he was actually a fish, and his entire existence was some kind of ridiculous, cosmic joke - that was(more)

     The house laid upon a small knoll at the end of the street. It's brown paneled walls splintering past ugly getting closer to dilapidated everyday. It's driveway just large enough for four cars when organized. The interior walls hidden beneath theater posters, street signs, and various other m(more)