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Live happily ever after?  
It sounded like such a good plan.  
Unfortunately, our family story had a sequel. Turns out bad guys can come back for revenge. And in some sad stories, they kill the hero.  
Savannah, Georgia may be the place where summer nights were invented, there they are perfect.

He met Melanie at a coffee shop his senior year. She ordered a biscotti and a low-fat latte. He wouldn't admit it, but he bumped into her on purpose; he was very ba(more)
there are to-do lists and schedules
having group therapy in your glove compartment
because you are too busy being sad
to give them a purpose

yeah, of course it sounds like one (more)
Your voice is melodic.

I love the way it sounds,
regardless of how clear
or how muffled.
Lovino can't sleep alone.

It's the fifth time he's tried to turn over, but crumpled sheets won't give way, the hard folds digging into his sides no matter how he twists and turns.  Though the window is closed and the heat turned high, it's too cold.  There is nowhere fo(more)
Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

"You have one new message."

"Motherfucking hell, it's three in the goddamn morning..."

With a grimace, Lovino swatted blindly at his phone until the light vanished. One thing that everyone should know is that you /don't/ wake this Italian up. Not in (more)
You open your eye, the sun is creeping over the horizon.  Still exhausted from the night before you roll over and wish for another twenty minutes of respite.  You know it won't come, it never does.  Once your up your up, no use fighting yourself over it.  You lay there watching the e(more)
You can feel your lips curling into a smile just as surely as you can see his curling into a smirk. It almost feels like poison, the way that tiny burst of stupid sunshine makes you feel sparks and butterflies and whatnot. It feels like a loss of control.(more)
As the world around seemed to continue its monotonous cycle, I begun the dialog with myself that I so often resorted to on the cold, rainy days spent inside my room. For what reason would I possibly leave this comfort? I hardly wanted to walk to the kitchen let(more)
Why did she have to be so damn hot? you think as you pull on the chainmail, and pick up the damnable mace she had given you.
If she was less hot, it would make life so much easier, but sadly, she is not. And, she knows that yo(more)
Harriet lightly tapped against my bedroom door and popped her head around.

"You packed girl? Shane's loading the bus." I glanced up at her, her megawatt grin brought a smile to my lips.

"Sure, just managed to squeeze everything in!" I chuckle, setting my rucksack on my(more)
I keep telling myself to sit and write. To take time that will benefit my future self. 'I should live in the now,' a voice would argue in my head. I'd then begin procrastinating again, waking up in potato crumbs, with my hand in my pants.
Packing my bags
It's time to go
There's nothing left
For me here

I'm not running (more)
Totally confused, you look to the boy on your left. If you could you would outline his profile in a big thick line again the multicolored sky. This goddamn boy, you think. What would have possessed him to decide to call you out this time of the evening. Of(more)
An impromptu trip. No packing, no stress, no worries of tourist destinations. Just you and I. This sounds like a plan.