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You left your notebook, a worn, navy blue thing, on the table next to mine. I can see your silhouette through the pane of glass drizzled with water, the word Cafe almost blocking my view of you. You are standing in the rain, black umbrella hanging limply from your(more)
The girl at the end of the bar,
Her cigarette winks at me
Like an unabashed come hither stare.
The glow hides a razorblade smile.
The last wine of light disintegrates
Exposing horns beneath  halos, (more)
Smiles can fade
Just as the sun sets
Because when no one is looking
That is when the tears will fall.
The man in the long coat at the table in the corner is smiling at her and she's smiling back over her shoulder, holding her Daddy's hand as he orders a skim latte and a what-kind-of-juice-do-you-have?

She's twirling in her teacup dress, looking away then back, away then(more)
Marble scratched dusty frame film rolling with a ticking noise. Figures moving, closeup, super closeup, medium shot, long shot.

A shocking deliberateness of a still image with a couple significant motions juxtaposed on top of it. A flick of the head upwards. Small human interactions.

The serendipity(more)
those sharp jagged smiles
shark fins in a red sea.
sticks and stones may bruise my ribs,
but words never stop bleeding.

I smile with a tightened face. Curled lips repress repeating waves of giggly tendencies. Thick wrinkles lead to a well known past. Slowly, dimples emerge. Eyebrows arch and then converge with eyelids and eyelashes upward. My gaze cannot be broken.
all smiles, all the time!
A smile, so forced
again and again
with hope that my heart
will believe the lie
that I am happy
that things are alright (more)
      Wow smiles, an interesting  action exclusive to humans.
people have made huge fortunes making people laugh. We go to movies, shows , and of course watch TV  to be entertained.
It takes us away from our routines, problems etc. for a short time. But smiles are (more)