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I've been sleeping tight for a year because after shedding my clothes, I slip between two generic Tylenol PM's. It's reassuring to know that sleep will come on time, just the way I've planned, night after night. The side-effects include drowsy yet violent twitching that only jacking-off can cure,(more)
I was paralyzed. My eyes were shut tight, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't open them. The toes on my right foot felt ice cold, left out from the shelter of the warm blanket. The blanket, though providing warmth, suffocated me.
I could hear small giggle(more)
I knew something was wrong. I could see it in your expression, in the way your eyes focused on everything in a distant way (catching all of it to categorize it as either dangerous or friendly) without actually focusing on it. I heard it in your voice as you(more)
I am wrapped up tight in sweet dreams
that keep me warm under the night sky
and the crickets chip to
find their soul mate
but I have mine lying beside me
"I can't wait to be a grown up," she used to say.

"And when you're an adult," her mother said, "you'll
want to be a child again."

"No I won't. Because when I'm an adult, no one will tell me when to go to bed. I ca(more)