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They lifted her out and
she screamed
her silence, curling
up like the child she was -
she is.
chiddy, chiddy, bang, bang,
brotha you dead.
black skinnhead.
And to think, the number of fruits we skin alive each day.
The pain that a heartbreak can bring upon you, can make you wish you were skinned alive.
Just for the fact that being skinned alive would hurt less, because a heartbreak can last an eternity, but death has this bittersweet chance to end all that pain.
Well at least(more)
I walk through the wilderness, my feet torn and stuck with thorns.  My bones ache.  Although my body is young, I feel as though I am hundreds of years old, if not thousand.

The trees and mountains shelter me in this valley; but I know they are out there -(more)
yet still alive
you dont know how lovely this feeling is
i'm under you now
inside of your skin
closer to you than never before
     After being skinned alive, Steven went to go see his friend Shaun. Steven rang the doorbell and after a few moments movement could be heard from inside the house, and then the door opened.  
     “Holy shit,” Shaun said through the screen door, “you did it. H(more)