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"Are you almost done? This is taking forever."    

Jenny sighed loudly. Her lips tightened to the side of her mouth, and she planted her palms on her hips to underscore her irritated look.    

I couldn't help but smile at her childish pose."We're almost done."(more)
My skin is still peeling. Which is funny, because honestly it's been over a year now and I feel like the fact that it is still working its way towards healthy again should be disturbing. Sometimes it is. Most of the time it's just become a fact of life,(more)
"Ah," is going to be the last word of my life this time around. I'm holding my hand in front of my face to see the skin blackening and blistering. My other hand has already gone through the disease's symptoms. Soon, all my skin is going to blacken, swell,(more)
"Is anybody else's skin peeling off? No? Anyone? 'Cause I'm losing an observable minority of mine... Did I say minority? Scratch that. Not sure if it's shock or what, but I can't actually feel it. Wait: there it comes. That's some pain right there. Oooooww."
"Why are you crying?", I ask mother as she stands over the chopping board, her eyes streaming quiet torrents onto a shirt that's too good to for the kitchen.

She picks up a peel and waves it absently at me. "Onions", she replies, dabbing the edge of he(more)
A close up from my hazy mind reveal blisters and dead flakes peeling from my hand. The light to the left grows wider and suddenly here I am back to the start-- the beginning of it all.

With gaping breath, I mutter "it's only a dream." Panicked doubt(more)
Having just met her my senses kicked in in virulent force.  
She appeared as a beautiful medley of layers.
Stark color contrasts extenuate upon her oval like black and white frame. Each color exhumed the two sides of her personality. One a sultry, spicy, succulent seductress of splendid  specul(more)