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It's a simple choice
To run and hide
Far away
From prying eyes

It's a simple choice (more)
simple choice is not
the same thing as the easy
or best or right choice

five more and i'm done
My mind is in conflict. After hundreds of hours working on music, with a task well done, the only thing I am certain of was the fact that I did not want to dedicate anymore time to endless tours of internet searches to influence my musical decisions. However I(more)
two pastors and their wives and families sit in the living room directly below me. they are talking about some celebrity ministers recent fall from grace, the process behind reinstating people in the ministry, and the impossibilities of everything in the entire world, i guess.

electric ringing blarin(more)
"You have GOT to stop letting Rise stay in our apartment without telling me," Yosuke said, crossing his arms and glaring at Souji.

"She's already here," Souji replied, gesturing to the blanket-covered lump on the couch beside them.  "Unless you want to be the one to wake her up."(more)
I look out to my backyard, my contained wilderness.  The overgrown vines that took claim of the fence decades ago, the grass the buds between my brick walkways, and the pecan tree encroaches on the telephone wires.  Even the orange tree, cut in a pleasing way, has its white paint worn(more)
Out of the burning ruins of evil they came, the straggling bands, proof of God's perfect love and terrible wrath.

A long time ago, they had loved their God, but had abandoned him in favor of the sinful pleasures of the twin cities, known far and wide for(more)
"Whatever it is you're going to ask, the answer is no," Gotou said, standing in front of the burner and monitoring the boiling water. Masayoshi stood in the open doorway, perplexed, rainwater dripping from his hair and pattering softly behind him.