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for no decipherable reason except the obvious one, i can't do anything aside from wake up on weekends and pour hot coffee down my throat and then promptly return to my position in bed, curled around a laptop, streaming the most shallow plotlines into my barely cognizant brain. it(more)
I picked up the pen hesitantly, rolling it between my fingers between taking a deep breath and, with a loathing glance at the man before me, signed my name at the bottom of the paper.
"Congratulations," said the man, his strange features twisting into what was supposed to b(more)
He followed you. He always follows you, even though you're caustic, even though you're a coward, he follows you like you're someone worth following.

That was probably his first mistake.
How many of them would have become Doctors? Teachers? Or great men and women who's passions would have made the world flourish like never before?

Individuals who will have everything stripped away from them in an instant. All their dreams, belongings, and everyone they've ever known or loved(more)
There was the paper. There was the pen. All that was needed was a name.

"Sign right there, Sal."

Salamander Theoman looked over the paper and frowned. "Don't you know what my name there will do, Col? What I'm doing?" he asked.

"All I care about(more)