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How do you keep on smiling through it all?
those nastygossip girls, catfaced, twofaced, giggling at the mirror and you KNOW they're whisperlaughing at your face, at herfatbutt
at didyouhearwhatshedid
at sheissuchaweirdo
They do it to you, too. I hear the(more)
to duggy? no.

I remember I bought that shirt because I thought you would like it. It was stupid. It had a picture of snuffleupagus on it and referenced a hip hop song, two things I knew you liked.

Reminiscing about it now is like having (more)
The small boy looked up at me with those big round, brown eyes.
"Please Mister, I need to know."
I bent down on one knee in my dark suit.
"It's magic."
The boy didn't look too pleased at that answer. He frowned and something wet began to form i(more)
"Show me, if you're such an expert." His candy-coloured lips danced in front of her, close enough to smell the liqueur on his breath, but far enough away that she didn't feel too tempted.
She huffed out an exasperated laugh as he pouted from his spot on the couc(more)
i wake up drained and angry
and i can't share that with anyone because you're supposed to put on a bright and happy mask when you're out in the world, right?
you're supposed to hide what you're feeling to benefit everyone else
and you're supposed to make your feelings(more)
The dreams are all white.

"Toby?" the boy staggers forward on unsteady feet, eyes pale as silver in the bright light, hands cold and breath unsteady. "Are you okay?"
"Show me the way! Show me the way! Take me, tonight, to the river and wash my illusions away!" The radio sang on, but my voice cracked and I fell silent.

If only there was a river that could wash away illusions. But things like that are onl(more)