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     A man washes up on the shore. In his nakedness he will be ogled by the beach-goers and teased. He will stand stout and he will walk step-by-step. He will stop and tear his skin from his muscles and white bones. Reach under his upper lip and push(more)
"We are tied, inexorably," she says with more than a little bit of disdain coating the words. She is right. In every way. We are tied together. We are wrapped, knotted so thoroughly into each others lives it would be nearly impossible to leave. If one, or both of(more)
She would live and die in a castle, in a Kingdom, behind walls.  Lisre knew this, and had learnt its meaning many times. A Princess of the far reaches, she was insurance within the Capital of the Empire, and had found long ago that the Princess of the West whose(more)
-caligulasAquarium began trolling cuttlefishCuller-

cA: i just thought that maybe it wwould mako a difference
cA: you know, get people to pay attention to me for once
cA: it feels like you're the only person wwho bothers to listen, Fef, and youvve nevver evven heard my vvoice.
Whore it up. Parade yourself. Expose yourself. You get one shot in that body. Give it five years and those potatoes will go straight to your bottom. Soon that chocolate you scoff will rest on your hips.

This moment you experience will never happen again. (more)
With a strained grunt, he lifted the box and slid it onto the end of the wagon, shoring up the overhanging edge with a nearby stool. Wiping his brow with a handkerchief, he lets out a breath and smiles. "Well, that should save us some time when departing." (more)
I first saw it on my run.  It was probably 20 feet long, and 15 wide, but half of it was buried beneath the sand.  I stopped, and wondered how far a tree this size had to travel to end up on my beach.  It was waterlogged, ridden with barnacles, and seaweed.  I(more)
I raise you up
I show you the way
You doubt that anyone cares
But I do
You have yourself convinced that life is better without you
It's not
You are only human
You punch a wall and slice an x on your hand
I'm trying to help but(more)
In between passion and boredom Luke sat on the edge of her bed. He felt anxious knowing Sara's future expectations before she did, like they were being announced on an emergency broadcast system loud and clear in her bedroom, interrupting what should be a casual and easy night of(more)
It was tiring and dirty work, trying to keep the barricade up and in one piece. It seemed like all his joints hurt, and the stress if the heavy metal prosthetic hanging from his shoulder made it all the worse.

Everything would be so much simpler if h(more)
He didn't have a fear of water, necessarily. He was fine with it, in moderation, even fine with swimming in a pool on a hot summer day. Despite this, he always had a terrible, terrible fear of the ocean, or any... Open water, really.  
It seemed out of character(more)
The dock pulls in with a deadly silence.  Twisted ropes spiral off of rusted shorings, welcoming my boat.  It wasn't going to be like before, it was going to be real.  I could sense it - this time when I hit this shore, something was going to be different.

The metallic(more)
for what?
for the moon to finally rise from slumber.
for the ice to merrily mix with my whiskey.
for the day to finally come to a close.
so precious the time yet we wish it all away, (more)
Yesterday's storm was fierce. The fort was slowly collapsing around them.  The wall closest to her was leaning inward. Not yet alarmingly but still, the slant couldn't be ignored. "Shore it up" her husband said.  "Use the beam."  And so she had.  She placed the beam, tilting in oppos(more)