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There you two are in the distance. You both are my dull glimmers of hope. So very far away from safety, my girl and her child. I have tried to rescue you. But now... it is between you and God.

My silence is a screaming, "Come Home! Come(more)
Sometimes, Izumi thinks he can see the stars without even looking up.  
The stars in Mizutani’s eyes, at least, are something he can come close to.  
Except that is /clearly/ not the case today. Not when Hamada’s yelling, Mizutani’s complaining, and Izumi is simply tuning them out with all(more)
David looked up and saw the shining stars beckon him. Life had lost its luster. Skies were grey and people were faceless.

The stars though, they always maintained their luster. Whether it was purely the mathematical reasoning behind the speed of light, or David's own perception, it wa(more)