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The smell of diesel rolls through these streets
And the rain’s a fallin'
The leaves make rust colored puddles on the sidewalks
The clouds twirled like some curtain laced satin pillow
I fumble for a cigarette, but they are all soaking wet
It’s gonna be one of those nights(more)
It's what memories do. Linger on that placid mind-surface interminably, begging to be fished from the deep, black drink. Until you row out to them.
the shimmer of make-up from her face hides the fact that without these implements she is beautiful in ways she can never imagine. Her beauty was like a tonic to his monotonous life in the office. But he can never summon all his courage to declare his admiration to(more)
The word shimmer reminds me of summer in dazzling sun light.  Of many small waves shimmering on a sunlit lake and the scales of a fish breaking the surface of the water to grab a hovering fly with shimmering wings playfully dipping its chitin toes.  The shimmer of water reflected on(more)
The heat haze rises lazily from the narrow slits of the radiator. I wave hands through the warmth and rub my fingers together. Fast. Faster. I lay my fingers on the slits and bring the back immediately. I crush them to my lips immediately. I kiss the burns. (more)