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You are a seal but not really a seal. The name you don't know you are is selkie although when in your seal body, you are only dimly aware of your human self, your ability to shape shift. You swim through the oceans, sleek-water wet, dive and surface, eat(more)

Catt didn't appear.
After a moment, Asmodeus's arms slipped from my shoulders, his eyes slipped from my face. He turned his back to me. Black tattoos of grotesque faces roiled up to the surface of his skin. I drew a breath of the leaden air, and sl(more)
Some call it fairy dust. Some call it psoriasis. I call it gross. I can since I have it. Most people don't know my secret. However when I have to be close to someone my anxiety level skyrockets. A hair cut, a dr.'s appointment, even a date with friends.(more)

Shedding skin wouldn't be enough to get me clean. I would need to lose the tongue that never said "yes" but couldn't say "no," like a lizard that loses it's tail when caught in a pair of jaws and grows a new one once safe, alone, in th(more)
Shedding Skin

It becomes too much for me
and I watch as they make my mold
transplant my liver and tendons and stomach
everything else is useless (more)