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What she did not see
Was how broken
She truly was
As she looked
Up at the sky
Hoping to find courage (more)
Lockers flashed by me as I hurriedly made my way to my classroom. School was over and I just hoped that it was still unlocked. I was literally halfway home before I realised I had left my homework on my desk. Now, why would a young girl act so(more)
She opened her eyes after the surgery and saw for the very first time.
The world was so bright, the colors so vivid. She had never imagined the world would be like this, not even in her wildest dreams.
She felt the sky and the air and the composition of both, the admiration and the contempt and the aching of both, the isolation and the loneliness and the humanity of both, and the raindrops and the sun's rays and the sublimity of both.