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Lorraine finished her dinner first and sat quietly, poking at her leftover peas until the adults stood up to clear the table. The little boy that sat across from her had stared down at his plate the entire time, refusing to touch her mom's macaroni salad. She saw his(more)
She finds him haunting her thoughts more and more each day regardless of all the clutter she throws in his path.
If she keeps herself occupied with minutia she can go a full five minutes without a trace of him crossing her mind but the slightest little thing can(more)
She finds him at the bottom of the box. For the last twenty years, he's been protected by a pile of less important things. She holds her breath as she gently brushes the dust off, which takes a little longer than expected. As the dust cloud settles, she breathes(more)
She's not even looking. She's totally not looking. But then there he is. She finds him. That's what he says later, making it sound like a joke. But she-maybe at first she thinks it's a joke, but she quickly decides it isn't. It's just how he operates. Which is(more)