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The mirror shattered as he pulled back his fist, bloody and broken with sparkling shards of broken glass jutting forth like the claws of some bizarre animal found in forgotten corners of the world where even the bravest of explorers dare not tread. He pulled back, and the glass(more)
endless forest and
shattered leg. plenty of wood
to use for a splint.
His heart shattered as he watched her walk away for the last time. They broke up many times prior, but now he felt it in the pit of his stomach, she wasn't coming back. Four years of love and pain, and another of uncertainty, Jack was finally on his(more)
Little Aaron was at home alone one day and found his favorite toy hidden in his parent's bedroom when poking around in places he would never be allowed to go. Under his parent's bed he found all kinds of toys that he was sure were his, but most of(more)
What fortress is made of glass?

I see you, child. You think you are shattered. You have fought and cowered, chased and fled, stood up and been run down.
The mirror was the first gift she’d unwrapped on her wedding day. The polished silver frame was wrought in twisting roses that wrapped about the mirror’s glass, and when she gazed at her reflection she felt like she was seeing another world. She smiled as she’d held it tha(more)