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Josh stared at his computer with a confused and disgruntled look contorting his generally devilishly handsome face. His perfectly masculine eyebrows dipped into his eye sockets like a diplidated bridge over a murky green pond and his forehead crinkled like a paper sack with too much lunch in it.(more)
I felt it.
That moment
When you closed your eyes
Breathed in deep
And sighed out- "I don't love you."
Did you hear it? (more)
The glass shattered
Caving in
Falling about
The remnants
Of the car
That was (more)
She came flying in like a bat out of hell with the roar of thousand thunderous earthquakes deafening all who stood before her in battle. Paragon of hope, she began to slash and shatter the endless army that dared to test her steel in combat. The dark panorama was(more)
He had been uncertain for a while now: faith wasn't carrying him through prayer anymore, he was talking to himself in a room. Long-term bonds weren't holding friendships together. Hugo leant forward creasing his pinstriped suit.
"How long do you think this one will go on for, if I(more)
Almost a year to the day since Nanako's rescue from the TV world, she was readmitted to the hospital. Her grasp on health had always been tenuous; it had taken six months for her to be released in the first place, and it was clear that the fog that(more)