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East Vancouver sidewalk, downtown east-side, 2pm on a rainy Friday forenoon.

Someone says 'Up? Down?' as you pass by. Not hopefully, not anything. Because someone who wants it will be along shortly. Maybe today it's you. Maybe not. Doesn't matter because there's always someone and if today it'(more)
People throw them away. Because they are broken. Because they have the ability to cause pain. They are dangerous. They are useless.

But those shards of glass used to be something. They were whole until something broken them, until they were shattered.   Forcefully, or unwittingly, something came alon(more)
Saintly sinners and
Curly-haired clouds broadcast
The glittering skyline
Anxieties hanging with a sharpness
Of broken stained-glass
Voices tear through
Just like shards of glass
Digging deeper
Ripping reality
Smearing crimson lies
Over perception (more)
They often tell you that the human heart is fragile, both emotionally and physically; that it is similar to glass. A simple crack formed into the matrix of glass can cause detrimental effects to the structure. Similarly, an intense moment can hinder emotional growth and in some cases cause(more)
Edward was on his tip-toes, balanced somehow against the counter, trying to edge the glass onto the the cupboard shelf. It was just slightly out of his reach, and normally he would have boosted himself onto the counter and simply sat there putting the clean cups away, but normally(more)