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Hundreds of years ago we sat downtown and you told me about being happy and sad at the same time. There was a word for it, but either I never knew it or I've long since forgotten. The way I remember the sky was washes of ink, diluted to(more)
I broke to shards
Shards did this
Wracked my body with Aphroditian pleasure
Stabbed lungs with a thousand steely syringes

When we fuck, he hissed, it'll be glorious (more)
My home was supposed to be waiting for me in the canyons,
dormant until my weeping eyes woke the snails and snakes,
roots of my womb extending arms outwards,
I was supposed to come running towards their silences,
microorganisms reveling in our communal awakening,
the crows would cry out(more)
Once, I considered myself beautiful. Perhaps not perfect, but beautiful. But that was once upon a time.

My childhood was so serene, peaceful, happy. I was accepted, I had friends, I succeeded in school. But then we moved.

Far away from the friends who loved me, in(more)
Shiloh looked up at the night sky. Shards of glass were falling like snow. In the glow of the ambulance lights, it looked like brightly-colored confetti at a party.

For a single moment, a cold blue flash illuminated everything around him, as if from very far away. Shiloh(more)
Don't.  Just pace.  Breathe, in and out.  Try to calm the static that is creeping in the sides of your eyes and making your hands shake.  The urge is an itch, just wanting to be scratched.  Pace more, so locked inside your own head, you can't even hear the floor creaking un(more)