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When the soggy soil had saturated my socks and my head swam through heavy twilight I knew.

There was a fantastic silence between my father and I as I drove.
Can you find serenity in the city?  For me, it cannot be found as easily as when I'm sitting in front of the ocean, my toes warming from the diluted heat of an Autumn sun.   It doesn't come as effortless as when I'm standing amongst redwoods, dwarfed by their towering(more)
I took a deep breath, and lay there, looking at the ceiling. My hands throbbed, but I could feel my heart rate returning to normal. My eyes were wet, still, but I could see better now. I felt like I could see through everything.
It was the eve of his thirtieth birthday, a date many twenty-somethings dread. For Raymond, however, the only anxiety he felt was that the clock would hit midnight and the deed would be done.

For him, beginning his third decade brought a sigh of relief. Whenever he stoppe(more)