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When you're a man-eating nomad tree, you don't have room for second thoughts. You plant your roots tenderly into each new place, wait for the bees to bring pollen to your ovaries, throw out the inevitable seeds of association half-heartedly, noncommittally, and unearth yourself deftly again.

You leave(more)
The trick is not to have the second thought.

That's what she tells me, anyway. She is older, taller, bad news. Once she was like me, though and she's got the paper work to prove it: certificates written in official calligraphy, essays ticked off in red pen (A(more)
I make up my mind,
Time and time again.
I get over you
And move on.
But then you stop me
And challenge me, (more)
"I really should go talk to her, I mean she's just sitting there reading a book" says John  

John thinks about how long it's been since he's been with someone.    
Alice's first impression upon entering the room is, Oh my god, I've died and gone to Starfleet.

The workshop is white and chrome, and blanketed overhead by a wall of glass-encased blackness. She is certain that if not for the tiny, hovering droids swirling annoyingly around her an(more)
We make too much room in our lives for second thoughts. Having to think things through once is taxing enough. If you put your ideas under the microscope, you're only going to realize how ludicrous the idea of thinking anything is.
All I ever knew was wrong.  

On second thought, it now seems to have always been wrong. I’m confused, in shock, a mix in between or none of it at all. Things that used to paint a picture as clear as day now are muddled, blurred, faded… and(more)