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I met Katherine in September. We were just getting the hang of the Georgia heat and it was all ready threatening winter. I lied to her to keep her near me. It was the worst thing I ever did.

The cold kept us together beyond that, the grad(more)
"You have to season everything before you cook and you have to season as you add more ingredients," I told her  as she looked at me with half interest. Elle and I had been dating for about 6 months after a a series of casual hook up ignited by our(more)

A hot, yellow swarm of light stings the earth and it swells,

Smooth, dark skin breaks out in emerald blisters that fester and teem,

Infected lesions hatch feathered serpents that writhe across the planet like a cold green flame, giving birth, eating their own young,(more)
do you remember December?
when you first took my heart. it was a cold night,
New Year's Eve to be exact.
You held me in your arms,
making false promises of never letting go.
that snowless winter, (more)
It was a quiet midsummer's day, about three in the afternoon. The humid haze was oppressive, coating the entire town with a contented languor, and Julie was abso-friggin'-lutely going to take advantage of the lack of school to just sit back, relax, and not worry about anything at all.(more)
The seasons dance their horrible dance,
Year after year after year.
Time passes,

And the grains of sand
They're leaving today--those sons of the sea. They lurk in between buildings, where no one has business to be. The space that lends itself to hovels.

I know one. Hutcherson. Oliver. We don't call each other by name, we don't even speak, when we see one another(more)
Time passed, and her face changed. Her skin became wan, riddled with blemishes and dark veins, and her hair thinned and lost its luster. Her cheeks and jaw lost their definition, the eye-catching bone structure that had once worked so strongly in her favor now lost to time. Some(more)
So imagine this: it’s nighttime, and it’s cold outside. Your coat is not as warm as you thought it’d be. It’s not snowing yet, but it will later. You don’t know that, though. All you know is that you can’t see the moon and the clouds look purple and(more)
Seasons come, seasons go.
The trees don't change much - they drop their leaves in the autum and turn green again in the spring, sure, but they're always the same by summer. They're constant.
Then, one day, the plague came. (more)
Seasons just started to melt together
I forgot how is the feeling of spring wind
Smell of summer rain
Color of autumn sunset
And bright of winter sunlight
But there's a fifth season (more)
Seasons were forgotten long ago.
Only Irving remembered summer. Staying up all night because it was fresher, being an idiot with his friends on the beach until dawn, and then helping the fishermen during the morning.
Seasons change, unless you're in Pittsburgh.

Most of the world has four seasons:  Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Pittsburgh has four seasons:  Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction.

Almost Winter does not have a specific start date, like Fall, but starts once(more)
Once happy, once blessed      
I thought the world revolved around me.      
Friends that I could not even count,      
I thought I was loved by all      

Then one day the music s(more)
spring snow
slushy separation anxiety
of a winter that won't stop clinging