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Sitting out beneath the starlit night. Full moon due south now, just about midnight. Pondering reflections of the past: Falling off bikes, learning how to ride, playing kick the can, fearing the deviled dentist, afraid of what soon may come. Worrying about  my current standing: How much money do I(more)
Gent caught himself scratching at it again when out popped a new galaxy. Gent sighed and brushed the new body of being to some far empty space on the cosmos. Gent put his scratchers away and tried to focus on an infintesimally small corner of the universe occupied by(more)
For a moment the only sound in the small apartment was the steady pant of heaving breaths. Gotou had his arm back up and over his eyes, cheeks flushed red, head mostly off the pillow. His other hand had been planted on Masayoshi's head, but that had since slid(more)