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Injustice is as transparent as the round brown spot on the teacher's nose every day. What's that from? Coffee. The thermos drips, and yet coffee is life and so I have to accept that a coffee-spotted nose is my lot in life.  
Remembering my first ever slow dance: peer pressure, the cute new transfer student, and a molasses smooth Blink 182 song. Swaying minutely back and forth with my arms trembling from the effort to only barely skim his shoulders. I sure wasn't dancing. But I was touching a member of(more)
The mind is a complex and confusing minefield. There are things that burn your skin. There's lovers pressing their whole beings together. How do you make sense of it all?

I only question the daylight. I marry my mind to the night. I frolic and I am frantic(more)
after so many
years of school rules for dress i
cannot dress my way
     When you're a kid, everything is fun. School rules, because all your friends are there, and you learn for learning's sake. Preschool and kindergarten are mostly a blur of coloring, singing songs and drinking juice. First grade isn't all that different, except now you have to learn how(more)