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I don't call it stealing, I call it scavenging. It's a tool of survival. One must, if she is wise and in need and I am at least one of those things, be always on the lookout for the scrap of others. It's rarely garbage in the literal sense,(more)
The scavenger ravaged, tearing each moment from bliss to shit. He tore through the fleshy coated layers, deep into parts of me I never knew did exist. Fighting I tried to use my limbs in a flailing block, yet he chewed through them like butter in the hot. The(more)
On a windy day, I stood at the bus stop reading my very important piece of paper - a bit of a naive thing to do, in hindsight.

A gust of wind later, the important piece of paper flew down the street. A dog became interested and began(more)