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I AM LOST. The poster is up on poles around the neighborhood. I AM LOST. And a picture of a chihuahua looking into the camera from a nest of blankets. A record of a happy day. The owner probably did not imagine it would turn into the photo best(more)
tell me what makes you generic, how do you fit in with the groups? now say it louder, what brand are you, what 'side' are you from, scream out your conformity in a world where normal is the key word. yell your 'personal slogan' out with the rest of(more)
"Say it louder, please."
       Three little words fading on
            the lips: "I love you."
I'm sorry. What was that? I can't hear you. Say it louder, please?

No. No. You still aren't getting through. You see I have this thing with my ear. It might be high density wax, or some sort of infection. You will have to speak up.