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My sanctuary,  
my sanctuary,  
is where he is.  

My sanctuary  
is somewhere   (more)
Gilbert thought the church was a load of crap, but he was more than willing to take advantage of the promise of sanctuary. So he’d pissed on a government building, who cared? He was just a little drunk that was all.
It's a big war outside, and Germany knows it's a losing one, and Veneziano knows too. And they both know that the new republic isn't going to last, how could it, when Veneziano's people hate and fear Germany's and Germany's look down on Veneziano's?
when you say that something's not possible
do you mean that you think that it's not possible because it goes against the laws of the world
or does it mean that it's unacceptable
does it mean that you don't want to leave your certain sanctuary you've created for yourself(more)
Tender sunrise in the blue morning haze
Songs drifted though the night
Like incantations to raise the dead from slumber

Marooned in my own little world
Late night harlequins still stink up the place (more)
        He stood, sword of typhoons lodged halfway into the ground, a fortress of sanctuary against the dark battalion that circled just beyond the edge.
        The Judicator knew little of the people he currently protected. He didn't ask (more)
“Let me in!” Viola cried. Her small hands, coiled into fists, beat tirelessly against the stone door separating her from sanctuary. The only result from her frantic effort was a decided ache spreading through her body. Her hands would be bruised the next day, and she would likely feel(more)