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we took the kamikaze dive and
in steep, swooping curves
drifted to the ground
(or the gutter, the half-finished leaf pile, the neighbor's gardenias)
placing bets on (more)
Once there was a girl,
And she sat on a swing,
That went back and forth,
Day to day,
Week to week,
Month to month, (more)
Out in the ocean is a sea full of sharks and fish
All attacking each other to get to the land
The land is a place where the king at queen dance
Spinning and singing together all day long
The land is a place filled with cats and cows(more)
lifted off with fervor of an amoristic apparatus
ink├ęd indestructible insurance rests in set
lain by instrument of oath
seals synthetism until death
do part adverse to lovers'
will and unioned hands (more)
Mayday. Mayday.
We're falling. Falling.
Crashing. Burning.
Danger. Danger.
Mayday. Mayday.
Is it safe to land?
I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV. I follow shows from time to time, I feel like those are the only real people in my life anymore. I put on 'friends.' Ah, that sweet feeling of living vicariously. I get as comfortable as possible as(more)