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When he really rolled on the throttle, it sounded like coins rattling in a tin can. Pre-ignition, timing's all fucked up. Bikes like his aren't meant to tip-toe around, but even still, a couple minutes with the wrench and it'd sound a whole lot prettier.
"I can imagine us running free, just the two of us, through a field of corn!"
Corn was right.  How corny was that.  There was little or no chance of either of us running anywhere together the way things were.
Martin held my hand and looked into my eyes with heartbreaki(more)
lava, escaped from
the earth, at last running free
into the blue sea
One day I just woke up and put my shoes on. They were cross trainers. I went out the door, ready for work. I didn't go to work though because it was such a nice day out. I dropped my things and I ran. I ran and ran some(more)