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It was not running away.  It was "travelling".  Seeing the world, different sights, breathing in foreign smells and eating in restaurants where they didn't speak any English and, and they didn't have pictures of the food on the menus either!  It was not, I repeat, not running away. (more)
While we are running away from
the kingdom of our originations;
not hierarchical but rather holistic
like a fine gossamer web
spun under duress in the wind and rain and lightning,
the other is running towards. (more)
I use words to run away from the world. My fingers use words to run away from the limits I impose on them.

And you? You bring us all together, fiction, figment and fact.
John and Beth are victim and killer.

Beth is the killer and John is the victim.

Beth is a venus flytrap and John the fly.
I'm running away,
My breath is short,
and my legs are weak,
but I'm running away.

Away from what I hear, (more)
All my life I've been running away. Well, that's not entirely true. But I've taken to running away some five years ago. I joined the college I thought I liked but I had a very vague idea of what people do in college. Moreover, the films I watched glorified(more)