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i ran so fast,
like a bullet through the air
and i enjoyed it;
i enjoyed it enough to want to go on like this forever
but i couldn't, my body didn't want me to (more)
Something I need to do before summer
Aunt Edith had a heart attack and collapsed in the tomato garden when I was six.
I ran.

What started as a sleepover at Anna's house turned into skinnydipping at the lake with the neighborhood boys.
I ran.

Cameron was tall and cute and I kind of(more)
He was made of sunlight, and I wish that he had known that. You could stretch your hands as far as they'd go, run a mile past that, and take a train, and you'd still be illuminated by his light.
Sunlight burns if you get too close, and yo(more)
I have been running from something all my life. It's that fear that wakes you up in the middle of the night, unnamed and faceless, and all you know is that it's got your heart beating way faster than it should be. If I knew what it was, could(more)
She uses running as a means to escape her problems, to a destination she doesn't quite know where, or if it even exists. The pavement beneath her feet was wet from the rain earlier that morning, the clouds above her still grey cotton balls shielding any sight of the(more)
"Let's go running, they said. It's great fun, they said. I need better friends. " Gina gasped out on the treadmill.  
"What was that," Mina removed one of her earbuds, easily keeping pace with her treadmill. Gina gritted her teeth. "Nothing."    
"Are you sure?"   (more)
maybe if you run fast enough you won't be able to hear the void anymore. stare into it, do not break, continue this for a lifetime: the prescription sounds much easier on paper, or at least much more romantic.

in reality, it's a gnawing at the edges o(more)
running running running running running running running running running running running running running i hate running what the fuck i really really hate runny like what the fuck, it fucking wears me out and i get tired in like less than two minutes heck, i even hate walking just(more)
Running is all I do anymore.
Run from
My problems
My obligations
My relationships
My memories. (more)
Running from insults.
Running from criticism.
Running from others' expectations.
Running from my own.
Running to keep up.
Running for my life. (more)
Never stand still. Always in motion. If you can't keep up then you will be left behind. I won't stop, can't stop. Everything is before me and nothing can wait. People, places, hopes, and dreams, all drop behind as I move forward. I don't know what I'm running from,(more)
I only caught a slight glimpse of those sharp silver fangs as the tree branches slammed one after the other into my head. I can feel its breath creeping closer like a cold winter breeze. Everything is racing as I continue forward not caring where  I end up as long(more)
my feet smacked the ground a steady slap slap slap that sent small bursts of pain up my legs my lungs strained for air each breath a rusty dagger going in and out my muscles burned my body screamed for me to stop but i couldn't stop i wouldnt(more)
Running was the only physical activity Isabella genuinely hated.
She had hated the feeling of her feet slapping the cheap cement of her high school's track. She had hated the sweat that would drip from her forehead and made her back slick. She had hated how, by the en(more)