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It wasn't quite like jet lag, Kenshin thought as he lay in bed, staring at the sunlight striping patterns across the unfamiliar ceiling.  It wasn't quite like anything, really - how many people got to check 'crossing realities' off of their bucket list, after all?

He just felt tired(more)
some time, five years in the future, i will wake up and realize i have no future. no, it won't be because i devoted my teenage years to booze and drugs, or promiscuity, but it will because i wasted it away. i went to school, but didn't apply myself,(more)
The promise of the morning opening with the new day and announced by the sun rising over the ocean sparkling through the open window.  The wafts of the coffee, already brewing, brought a feeling of purpose and clarity I hadn’t felt in a while. I grabbed a large mug and(more)
She yanked herself away, appalled. How could he? This was never part of her plan. She had never felt like she was perfect, but this was too much. Looking at his angry, but smug face, she felt her insides burn with shame, or anger. She couldn't tell.
''I kno(more)
What was that?  What time is it?  Was I dreaming?  No, I wasn't dreaming, I can hear it downstairs.  I can hear someone downstairs.  I can hear their footfalls.  They are very slow and every other step creaks a floor board.  I can't move, I am so scared.(more)