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     "Oh, yes, I do absolutely love gardening!", Miss Kallanthe Douglas chirps. Liar. Her hands are as white and smooth as a lily. "...flower garden back on the estate... daffodils and crocuses... and hydrangeas planted, and..."
Take a chance.
Roll the dice.
What have you got to lose?

She smiles, nice and calm,
her lips tainted in red, red
lipstick that she preferred.

I sit, but I do not find the
comfort in being seated (more)
Roll the dice
Play the game
As time turns on
The rules begin to change

Cross the board (more)
Right now, a single word repeats in your mind, "why"
Why did you think you could do this
You will your knees to stop shaking, but simply willing it doesn't change anything
You're sure that, across the table, she can hear the sound of your chair's uneven legs clattering(more)
I wish I had hands that could write stories. But I don't.
I wish I had a mind that could show truth. But I don't.
I wish I had a heart that could be beautiful. But I don't.
I don't.
I don't.
I don't.
I wasn't lucky enough.
Roll and roll and roll and when will it end.
This dice of a life. Unpredictable patterns and 1-6 scales of soon to be weight scales, of confusion and believers. When the urge grips, and chimes in with reverberating pangs of burning, burning, burning desire. You give in.
He was in a casino. Yes. A casino. Even if he had difficulty to spend a dollar without regreting afterwards, he was here, playing dices. Maybe it was the alcohol in his veins, maybe it was the beatiful lady who was with him who convinced him, we'll never know.(more)
Finally, it's her hands shoving his chest, her hair whipping around her as his stomach lurches like he's about to throw up ("Stop just lying there and - and taking it all! Take a fucking risk for once in your life!") that pulls the dice from his hand, an(more)
Anora had never been protected, her earliest memories involved her other shoving her out the front door as soon as she could walk more or less on her own. She ran with the street children in the lower city, learning the lessons of the street.
But here she was,(more)
she let me know
a few months before
i advised against - strongly

but she made the trip
and he met her there (more)
The only casino game I'll play is poker. I can't stand roulette or slots. There's no skill at all in those. Nothing to keep the odds even.
Luck isn't my specialty.
I'd never bet on a roll of the dice landing in my favor.
"So you and I are the ones to extinguish the Demigoddess of Fire," Carlo told Kristina as he hurriedly stuffed his toiletries into the suitcase. She was in the bathroom, still carefully preening her toothbrush under the tap before she placed it in the plastic bag for safekeeping. "Are(more)