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Lately when I come across a trigger that fails to inspire the fingertips into their qwerty jig, I will consult the mighty google oracle and the open source encyclopedian's of wikipedia.

On wikipedia today is a banner notifying users that there will be a blackout in order t(more)
I want to give kindness to the words I write today, the same kindness that I received on the walk this morning. Just a sound, a soft hello, changing everything, easing the pain of fear and the unknown. Opening up a world of solitude to the careless gesture of(more)
You were supposed to be something to pass the time, nothing more.
An outside interest meant to distract me from the black, pull me back from the void.
A disposable snack, full of sugar and empty calories yet tasty enough to leave me feeling satisfied.
Instead you stole (more)
My arch-nemesis colleague and I had been robbing each other for a while.

It started when I broke into his home late at night. I took his prized Faberge egg, to which his ego was inescapably tied.

I did it to get revenge on him ruining my(more)
Spontaneous combustion, a fear few of us possess, for me is now a terrible reality. I have been robbed of the natural feeling of safety and comfort one feels while resting in bed. Think about it, if one cannot feel safe and secure in the confines of their own(more)