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We should write together on here.

I have seen a few writers maintain narratives lets create a group narrative.

It could be a choose your own path narrative. One writer starts a narrative and two or more respondents write divergent bits.

The tags section could b(more)
if it's a truly
ridiculous idea
it may mask great hopes
The world is round like a sphere? You must be joking.
People flying? Flying!? You must be mad.
Putting man on the moon? That's ridiculous.

Ridiculous as ridiculous can get.
"it's a ridiculous idea," i titter nervously, twirling my hair, something i would never do when you're not around.
i look into your eyes, grey or green i can never quite tell, and i can't shake the feeling that if this was a romance novel then you would grasp(more)
"Really girl?" The disbelief, bordering on disappointment dripping from her tone. Her hazel eyes wide.
" Yeah Em. The Internet. It's not as weird as you're acting it is." Leslie fires back over their steaming lattes. Her voice laced with laughter.  "What's wrong with it?"
"He could be some gia(more)