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"I will not work anyplace that does not allow
sparklies," she said.
Damn right, I say. Life is short,
pass the glitter!
Let me sprinkle it in my office
and wear it my hair. (more)
"Where's my ring?"
"Your ring?"
"Yeah, my ring. I put it right there on the counter, I thought, while I was washing the dishes and-"
The recollection burst through his mind. He'd gone to pick up the china dish with the picture of the Eiffel Tower on it, to(more)
Greta is a girl who talks a lot about when ''when we were kids." I am not sure how old she is--maybe a few years older than me at most, but she must think I am a decade behind her, or that I was oblivious for the first ten(more)
Melinda's eyes glistened, rhinestones in the clear, silent night.
"Worthless," Daniel repeated. "Worthless, useless. Absolutely unbelievable."
He stood, pacing, his fists clenched tightly in the moment of rage. That's what it was, Melinda tried to convince herself. Simply a moment. Somewhere within, though, she kn(more)