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Put down the rubber hose and turn off the gas. Turn on the light and tighten your tie; turn your collar up and seal the top button. Roll the hose up and place it back in the cabinet. Shut the door to the garage, climb the stair(more)
I suppose we all wish that we could go back to certain places in our life. We wish we could go back to before that one person died, to get to know them better or to say goodbye. We look at the past and sigh and wish that we(more)
I open my eyes and gaze at you lovingly. I crawl out of bed, take off your shirt, put on my bra, put on my shirt and a pair of shorts, and walk, backwards, until I sit back down in your big sofa and curl myself into a ball.(more)
Stop. Yank your arm free of your grandmother's hand. Push her into the field. Call the crows. Walk away.
Stop. Lose control. Let him pull the matches out of your pocket. Let him lead you around the perimeter of the prom containing your high school's prom, pouring gasoline. Pul(more)
Blink. I watch the blur of colors blind me for a moment until I feel nauseated, and suddenly my vision snaps into place. Before me is an all too-familiar scene.

I see a younger Violet with her frizzy bob and bright blue eyes smiling at me. She's mouthing(more)
"Tom, you've got to stop this, it isn't good for you."


I loved you once; stop.
My mistake. Much remorse. Guilt.
And with time, rewind.