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Like clockwork, Kenshin rose before dawn. In the summer that was earlier than usual, but he rolled out of bed silently, slipping out from under Edward's heavy arm without disturbing him. He always paused, here - he made sure Edward had settled again, rolling onto his side and curling(more)
The skies are a little sad today. The wind whips until your marrow freezes, glistening, tiny tunnels twisting a million pathways of different colors blazing in the sky, in the grass, around the bend of the alleyway, on your roof. The bitter taste in your mouth dangles ecstasy just(more)
Make a statement. Repeat it until you are blue in the face, until you know that no one is listening, or that those who are listening just don't care. You'll know your place in the world, and you'll resent it. Stay true to what you said, though. Those that(more)
If I were to distill my core beliefs down to a single statement, that statement would be 'Practice makes perfect'. What people call talent is only, after all, the result of continuous, repeated, and unceasing hard work.
"Again!" Ms. Willow bellowed from behind her desk, her eyes trained on me with a focus that felt laser like. The older kids said her father was a hawk to explain the claws she called fingernails, long narrow beak-nose, and the eyesight that never seemed to deteriorate, even as(more)