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Sh. You can't speak loudly here. Don't look people in the eye--too aggressive. Don't talk about things that used to be. Don't talk at all--that's even better.
Welcome to the quiet town. We're just a little dot on the map, true, but everything we need is right here. N(more)
I once knew a young maid when
the Spring had filled the air;
we had met beside the glen
and light adorned her hair.

She was sweet and she was fair, (more)
I remember when there was peace. I remember when dust didn't clog the sky, when you could go through the night without being yanked out of sleep to the sound of gunfire and flash and whistle of bombs in the distance. I remember when the sky wasn't a constant(more)
Two lovers were sitting hand in hand comfortably at a park bench, gazing towards the incandescent sunset. The breeze blew pasted the man known as John, streaming across his wrinkles has made John aware of his wizened features. Kids can be heard frolicking about in the field close by,(more)
Remember when I kept on catching you looking at me in band class? When you would tease me and pretend you could play a drum roll, except your technique was totally off and we were both laughing and you got yelled at to sit in the right seat? (more)
You probably don't remember when our souls were young.  We frolicked in the fields, and there were no cities - except for the ones we built in the sand.

And then we constructed the tower of Babel - to become above everything else, to rise above the animality of(more)
Remember when we used to stay out all night like sitting ducks waiting for the sunrise to reach out over the trees like ribbons? When we would take turns sipping from an early morning coffee that was funded by nickels found on the sidewalk and dimes buried in car(more)
Remember when we would fall asleep on roadside coaches? They were scavenged space ships that would rocket us into the cosmos.

Circled around a fire, we'd drink and laugh and drift off. Somehow bugs never crawled into our mouths. But that was before the sky went dark.
Long summer days cooling down on the surface of the green lake, when the conversations of others seemed in the near distance and all that was in our bubble was us, the water, and a sense of tranquility.

Cool nights spend in light jackets, driving around. Singing t(more)
There were stars in your eyes then, shining through the darkness; you were the lighthouse standing tall and proud and strong at the edge of the world. The sun lay down and kissed your feet every night and she would murmur your name as though the universes you held(more)
I remember when I saw you smile, face shining in the sun and your laughter danced through the air like dandelion seeds.  

I remember when I held you tight and in my arms you slept.  I remember holding you close in those last few hours before they ripped you(more)
Remember when we used to do things for fun. When everything was just a form of art.The wall i painted with crayons for no apparent reason.The poem in the 4 grade,and the first article i wrote that i thought was good.Remember when you did thinks and not think about(more)